Saturday, January 7, 2017

Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever... Segregation Again?

"One of the most painful realizations for the Baby Boomer generation is the failure of the Civil Rights Movement," writes Vox Populi, "and the increasing evidence that those evil, very bad, horrible segregationists were right all along" — A case for segregation. He notes:
    If 250 years does not suffice to make a single nation out of two very different peoples, then it should be manifestly apparent that no amount of time is ever going to be enough.... As Big Gay Steve has observed, the amount of money that has been spent unsuccessfully trying to turn a mostly unwilling nation of Black Americans into ersatz White Americans would have permitted humanity to have established colonies on Mars. Forget all the victims of all the crimes over the years, and ignore bloodshed of the inevitable wars in the years to come, perhaps the greatest sin of the Civil Rights debacle of the last 50 years is the opportunity cost.
On that last point, White America should be let known how much it spent in welfare payments, Section 8 housing EBT cards, futile schooling, etc. on these four Chicongolese:

Aren't we supposed to be having a "conversation" about Race? If so, let's have an open one. Black separatism, in its most vanilla form, "hold[s] that black people would be better served by schools and businesses exclusively for black people, and by local black politicians and police," while the Nation of Islam "calls for several independent black states on American soil." "Negrification" is a term segregationists used that we are supposed to be horrified by, but does it not accurately describe what has happened to mainstream culture in the last fifty years in terms in everything from marriage patterns to music?

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