Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Other Tragedies Ignored by Tavis Smiley and the Media

Noting "how swift justice is dispensed when the perpetrators, rather than the victims, are black," Mr, Smiley bemoans the lack of attention given to "the regular harassment and abuse that black teenagers and other black fellow citizens endure daily at the hands of white cops" — Tavis Smiley: The Other Tragedy of the Chicago Torture Video. Weird, because "the regular harassment and abuse that black teenagers and other black fellow citizens endure daily at the hands of white cops" seems to be all we've been reading about for years now, always without that back-story that this "regular harassment and abuse" is by no means regular but invariably tied to blacks "keepin' it real" by grabbing cops' guns and other means of resisting arrest.

"See Jordon, Tesfaye, Brittany and Tanishia," the professional black writes, being on intimate first-name basis with these youfs, which must be a black thing that we won't understand (to paraphrase the obnoxious t-shirt that was popular in my college days), because in all my reading of the so-called alt-right, I do not remember one person referring so affectionately to Dylann, except to note that the alternate spelling of his name was an indication of his the poor genetic stock that gave him issue.

Mr. Smiley is right that "we live in an era where the internet rules, and these kinds of salacious stories are the best kind of click-bait." How many of these "salacious stories" are not live-broadcast by the perps? Had there been no video, this story would have remained local and the local populace would have read that the "random" victim was "choked and repeatedly called the n-word... [and] [h]is alleged captors repeatedly reference[d] Donald Trump" — CBS Radio Deceptively Implies Chicago Torturers Were White Trump Supporters, Victim Was Black. How many other such atrocities have gone under-reported or white-washed of racial elements? The Knoxville Horror is but one such story:

So, in the absence of "salacious stories" that act as "click-bait" and with deliberate media obfuscation, we must really on statistics. "Single-offender interracial crimes of violence break five black on nonblack to one the other way," notes John Derbyshire, rephrasing for the innumerate among us, "Five out of six are black on nonblack" — John Derbyshire: Racial Gang Attacks—Why Won’t The MSM Tell Us The Numbers? So one-eighth of our population is responsible for five-sixths of the interracial violence. The Derb notes that this "was the case up to 2008—when the Department of Justice mysteriously stopped producing the relevant tables." [What was it again that happened in 2008?]

Black-on-white rape is particularly disproportional, with the opposite being statistically zero — The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States. We learn from the late, great Lawrence Auster that "in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man," meaning "that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man."

These 100 black-on-white rapes a day are not live-broadcast and only make the local news, and if so, are de-racialized. What say you, Mr. Smiley, of these other tragedies? What say you, SJWs, about this very real rape-culture? Or is black-on-white rape a "revolutionary act" as Eldridge Cleaver claimed it was? Here is but one scene from what is either rape-culture or revolutionary-culture on our affirmative-action, athletic-scholarship college campuses — Black Football Player Rapes White Victim, Tells Her “That’s For 400 Years Of Slavery, You B****”.

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