Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Miramar Perform "Sin Ti," "Estatua," "Urgancia" & "Tus Pasos"

"When the members of Richmond, Virginia's Miramar first heard the music of Puerto Rican composer Sylvia Rexach, they were intrigued that she wasn't as well known as other popular bolero writers," writes blurbist Felix Contreras. "So they came up with an album's worth of her songs to cover, and have been wowing audiences across the country with their exquisite renditions of her songs."

Reason enough to repeat Steve Sailer's call for "Trump [to] top Obama’s freeing of the Puerto Rican independence terrorist by freeing all of Puerto Rico" — How Trump Can Top Obama Freeing the Puerto Rican Independence Terrorist. "¡Viva la independencia de Puerto Rico! ¡Viva Puerto Rico libre!"

Of course, "el país que nunca se fue [the country that never was]," as my Spanish professor lamented of his homeland, does not seem to want independence, with the island's pro-independence party only pulling around 4-6% in elections, but it would be in line with our new America First Foreign Policy to get rid of this imperialist legacy.

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