Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Silverback Passes On-Campus Alphatude Test

Yesterday, late as always and on the way to a seminar in the "liberal arts" building, I approached a campus SJW with a clipboard barking some slogan I could not hear. Curious, I had hoped to hear what it was about; however, the neck-beard looked away and it was not until after I had safely passed that I heard his plea: "Sign a petition to protect our undocumented students." I scoffed, and entered the building. Little did I know I had passed "a simple social experiment necessitating few input variables other than a public venue and a street hustler to determine if you, or other men you can observe, exude alphaness or betatude" — How To Tell If You Exude Alphaness Or Betatude:
    Those carnival barkers working for non-profits like Greenpeaceout or Abortion, Yay! are useful proxies of a man’s SMV. Try this: the next time you pass by one or more of these millennial hippies holding clipboards and pamphlets near subway entrances, bus stops, or along busy sidewalks, take note of their reaction to you.

    Do they accost you to pitch their dreck? You exude betatude.

    Do they let you walk by unbothered? You exude alphaness.

    Pretty cut and dry, if I must say. And if the NGO urchins begging for donations let you pass unmolested with a look of apprehension and even fear in their eyes, your alphaness may be off the charts. If, on the other hand, they rush right into your face and press their case for an uncomfortably long time as you stutter and stammer to get away, your betatude is bad enough to require a PUA’s intervention.

    In short, look like a badboy who doesn’t suffer bullshit gladly, and you are likely an alpha who enjoys plenty of female attention. Look like a niceguy who takes shit from everyone, and you are likely a beta balls-deep in the GoFap Zone.

    If you want to gauge your progress from invisible beta herb to irresistible alpha chad, keep track of the reactions you get from volunteer streetside beggars. You want to unlock the achievement level in which all those shitlib cause du jour curs are retreating from your arrival like the fucking Red Sea parting before Moses.
I've had this happen before; I'm actually curious to hear what the SJW's are up to, but they fall silent when I approach.

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