Friday, May 19, 2017

Here Come the Beer Tanks!

Read all about it — Genesee beer tanks on the Erie Canal: The week-long trek starts Friday.
    The set of huge beer tanks destined for The Genesee Brewery in Rochester are expected to begin their week-long journey over the New York Canal System on Friday.

    The 20-foot by 60-foot tanks, too large to be trucked down the state Thruway, have been held up for about a week in a port on the Hudson River south of Albany. The delay was due to high water in the canal system caused by recent record rainfall.

    Barges carrying the tanks will enter the state canal system at the Waterford lock north of Albany at 11 a.m. Friday. The trip to the Genesee Brewery on the old "Erie Canal" is expected to take six to seven days.

    Genesee Brewery is encouraging fans of its beers to toast the tanks as they float down the canal, and soon will release an estimated timetable showing when and where they can be seen.

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