Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Study of Old English Is "Troubling" and "Problematic"

A tenured SJW writes, "In 2017, as the American neo-Nazi movement that calls itself the 'alt-right' is resurrecting medievally tinged celebrations of 'European heritage' as part of its racist agenda'" — Old English Has a Serious Image Problem.

The article's subheadings include "The Gendered History of Learning Old English" and "Troubling Racial Connotations." We learn, "Long before the Black Lives Matter movement on campuses across the country called for a more inclusive, more diverse curriculum, the discipline of medieval studies had been working toward the establishment of a 'multicultural Middle Ages,' a way out from under the field’s reputation as thoroughly dead, white, and male."

Spare us! Is no field of study safe from Cultural Marxism?

Back in the early '90s, a black campus friend asked me what I thought of the Afrocentrism gaining so much ground on campuses. Meaning no ill will (I did not yet know understand I was a Reactionary and still thought of myself a Radical), I answered honestly that it was having me look more closely into my European cultural heritage. Probably not the answer he expected.

At the time, I had been reading the likes of Malcolm X and Eldridge Cleaver. From them and others I remember reading that to deny a people of its past is to deny them a present and a future. Is this not what Cultural Marxism aims for us? Black nationalism has much to teach us.

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