Sunday, June 18, 2017

Islam in Upstate New York

  • A fellow named Ramadan Abdullah amassed fifteen unregistered firearms and 10,000 rounds of ammunition, before he got busted, but authorities assure us there are "no indications that there was a plan in place for him to commit any acts of violence" — Shoplifting bust leads to huge weapons cache, police say. "Police are also exploring Abdullah's travel patterns; he is a United States citizen and investigators believe he has previously traveled overseas."

  • Islamberg, New York, a place I had no idea existed, is the setting for our next story— Man gets nearly 20 years in Muslim attack plot. Town founder Mubarak Ali Gilani "has been alleged by the U.S. Government [to be ] associated with the terrorist organization Jamaat ul-Fuqra," "an organization of mostly African-American Muslims based in Pakistan and the United States," "[s]ome of [whose] 3000 members have planned various acts of violence."

  • Utica, NY, “The Town that Loves Refugees”, is the subject of loretta the prole's revisit — My Hometown Is Gone. "The agency that resettles refugees for the federal government in the city of Utica, NY," is run by a woman who "does not live in Utica, whose population, she told the New York Times, is perhaps 25% refugee," but rather she lives "in Holland Patent, a picturesque rural enclave, listed on the National Registry of Historic Places for its beautiful stone church- and which happens to be almost 99% white."

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