Sunday, June 11, 2017

Jacqueline Fortes Performs "Seis One Na Taraffal;" Americo Brito Performs "Sintado Na Pracinha a Coladeira;" Adison dos Reis Trio Perform "Kolá San Jon;" Melissa Fortes, Sonia Andrade, Laise Sanches, & Milena Braga Tevares Perform "Force d'Mulher;" Dina Media & Paulo Bouwman Perform "Fidjo Magoado;" and Jacqueline Fortes, Americo Brito, Adison Dos Reis, Dina Medina, Hassan Ait Moumad, Carlos Sousa, Sima Nos e So Nos, Paulo Bouwman, & Marco Santos "Sodade"

The music of Cape Verde, which captured my attention several years ago (and that of Dutch broadcaster vpro vrije geluiden just last month), has a similar windswept Atlantic melancholy (Sodade/Saudade, em português) that I find so attractive in the music of the Faroe Islands, far further north, which captured my attention last week.

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