Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Misinformation from NPR

In this report, which mentions the "recent video from The Evergreen State College [which] shows a group of students confronting a biology professor named Bret Weinstein because he questions certain diversity policies on campus" — Trump Supporters Accuse Liberal Communities Of Hostility Toward Free Speech.

The journalist notes that "this professor considers himself a liberal, and he objected only to some aspects of the diversity policies." Here's an alt-media report on the incident that mentions which "aspects of the diversity policies" he objected to — Evergreen faculty demand ‘investigation’ into professor who dissented from no-whites day. Our capital's moonie paper gives the important information in this headline — . But in the WaPo, you need to get to the seventh paragraph to get that information — Evergreen State College closes again after threat and protests over race.

Why is the librul media afraid to present the whole truth about such stories? Why do they continue lying to themselves? They are afraid that more of their kind will be come woke to right-thinking if they were allowed to think for themselves. They are believing their own propaganda, which happens just as a tyrannical ruling class falls.

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