Saturday, June 17, 2017

Wine Snobs, i.e. Liberals, Are Hiveminded Conformist Fools

As evidenced by the reminder that a line from "the movie 'Sideways' [made] merlot consumption sank like a rock but appreciation for pinot noir burst into fashion," which we read here — Why syrah just don't get no respect. The same blind, unquestioning following of this or that trend can be seen in their politics. So much for these self-styled sophisticates.

Serious beer-drinkers have given my skepticism, but never snobbery, over my endorsement of Genesee Light as a good beer. Merlot and syrah (a.k.a. shiraz) are two of my favorites, along with cab sav and malbec. I never liked pinot noir after my limousine liberal aunt said it was the only wine she drank.

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