Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"Lorena" Performed by Michael Martin Murphey, Jed Marum and Friends

This "soldier’s favorite for both armies, North and South during the American Civil War" (the War of Northern Aggression), is heard at the beginning, middle, and end of The Beguiled (2017). The girls in the film, however mispronounce the name of the title not as "Loreena" as it would have been pronounced back in the day, but as "Loreyna" as in Lorena Bobbitt, which for all I know may have been intentional, as a reference to that personage would make sense given the film's plot.

For a great contemporary rendition of this lovely song, listen to Del McCoury's "Lorena" from Divided & United: The Songs of the Civil War. The lyrics:
    Oh the years creep slowly by, Lorena
    The snow is on the ground again.
    The sun flows down the sky, Lorena.
    The frost gleams where the flowers have been,

    But the heart beats on its warbling now.
    As when the summer days were nigh.
    For the sun can never dip so low
    a down affections from the sky.

    A hundred months have passed, Lorena,
    Since last I held thy hand in mine,
    And felt thy pulse beat fast, Lorena,
    Though mine beat faster more than thine.

    A hundred months 'twas cloudy May
    When up the hellish load we climb
    To watch the dying of the day
    And hear the distant church bell chime

    We loved each other then, Lorena,
    Far more than we ever dared to tell.
    And what we might have been, Lorena,
    Had but our loving cross fared well.

    But then, 'tis past the years you're gone
    Our lord call up their shadowy forms
    I say to them lost "Here sleep on,
    Sleep on, nor heed life's pelting storm"

    It matters little now, Lorena
    The past is in the eternal past
    Our heads will soon lie low, Lorena
    Life's time is ebbing oh so fast

    There is a future, Oh thank God
    Of life, this is so small a part
    'Tis dust to dust beneath the sod
    Up there, up there 'tis heart to heart.

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