Sunday, July 23, 2017

Suffragettes, Abortion, and Voting "Rights"

Living in the town where Susan B. Anthony is buried, it's hard to miss this story — Marchers celebrate 100 years of voting in New York State and Suffragist City Parade celebrates Susan B. Anthony's impact on multiple issues.

In the latter article, we read that "Alicia Compton and Brooke Ophardt brought their daughters to march; they were walking with Planned Parenthood." That's a great message to one's children: I'm fighting for the right to have killed you before you were born.

Only after reading that "a number of groups participated saying Susan B. Anthony was a universal suffragist whose legacy goes beyond voting rights" and reading about the "Nursing Friends of the Susan B. Anthony House" do we read of "Feminists Choosing Life of NY, a pro-life organization," ... "which believes Susan B. Anthony herself was anti-abortion."

This group has been placing a number of ads in the local paper recently, quoting Ms. Anthony and Alice Paul, below, who strikes me as the prettiest suffragette, and said it most clearly: "Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women."

That it is, explaining why college-age males are the most pro-abortion demographic in the country.

That aside, I will leave it to history to decide whether enfranchising women was a good move. However, I do think our founding fathers and others in the Anglo-Saxon tradition had the right idea in opposing universal suffrage. Arguments can be made for or against this or that group, but the idea of limiting voting "rights" seems a good one.

Not giving the vote to people based on sex, race, or property owning status may perhaps be outdated, but good arguments can be made for denying the vote to the illiterate, those dependent on their parents (i.e., millennials), the government dependent, the government employed (these latter two categories for clear conflicts of interest), &c.

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