Monday, July 3, 2017


In one of the first MSM analyses of the Trumpening worth reading, Jake Pearson writes, "Wrestling aficionados say the president, who has a long history with the game, has borrowed the time-tested tactics of the squared circle to cultivate the ultimate antihero character, a figure who wins at all costs, incites outrage and follows nobody's rules but his own" — Smackdown! Trump's insult act comes from pro wrestling hype.

Perhaps this piece's worth comes from its having "wrestling aficionados" as its source, not inbred beltway types.

"Glorious," rightly says Roissy of the above-posted video of "The Trumpinator retweet[ing] a gif lovingly prepared by a Redditer, of Trump administering Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Stunner finishing move on FraudNewsNetwork (neé CNN)" — Trump The Ironclad Chad.

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