Thursday, July 5, 2012

National[ist] Public Radio

I am not ashamed to say I listen to NPR every day. If I stuck only to dissident outlets like The American Conservative,, Chronicles, CounterPunch,, The New American, and Taki's Magazine, how would I ever know what the régime wants us to think? I was struck by a few more ridiculous things than usual listening today.

First, their labeling of a foreign new agency as "semi-official" was quite ironic. Why don't they apply this label to themselves? Second was a story about the president's Fourth of July event, in which the returned troops present were, in Faux News fashion, simply referred to as "military heroes," every last one of them.

Finally, a comment made by some idiot congressman, left unchallenged, that the military should get America's first strategic reserves of oil and the rest of the country "tighten its belt" — Military's Green Energy Criticized By Congress. That all of our recent (and not so recent) wars have all been foreign wars of choice is beyond the scope of discussion; the Pentagram needs to be a greener killing machine.

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