Tuesday, December 4, 2012

War and Peace

  • From cryptogon.com a chilling video of "Obama's favorite weapon" — Attack of the Drones. The robotic pack mule on the still and at 17:00 fills me with a strange sense of disgust. Count me on this side of the uncanny valley.

  • At CounterPunch's Jean Bricmont exposes those whose "insidious rhetoric has served to neutralize any peace or anti-war movement" and "made it impossible for any European country to take such an independent position as France took under De Gaulle, or even Chirac, or as Sweden did with Olof Palme" — Beware the Anti-Anti-War Left.

  • Bill Kauffman can;t imagine "a better antiwar pop song than" the one sung by the man whose concert he reviews here — I Clean My Gun and Dream of Galveston. "There is not a single note of preachiness or abstraction in the song. Yet in elevating home over foreign crusades, 'Galveston' borders on sedition. It really ought to be banned under the Patriot Act."

  • Finally, Sandro Magister on the peace that passes all understadning — Fr. Michel-Marie, a Cassock in Deep Marseille.
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