Thursday, December 26, 2013

My bubba & Mi Perform "Fuck The Pain Away," "Banana Samba," "Steemengeene," "BBQ Bob," "How It's Done in Italy," "My bubba & Mi Ice Cream Face Cream" and "Through & Through"

Another, earlier performance by My bubba, a self-described "daringly sweet pair of ladies" from Iceland and Sweden, "whose songs are slow and easy, teasing and pleasing." They look so nice but sound so naughty if you listen to what they sing, as the title of their first number attests. (The f-bomb, by the way, is a Norse loanword, a legacy of the Viking invasions of Mother England.) Either one of them could sing me to sleep with one of their "lullabies from the countryside, with one part sweet talking, one part mumbo jumbo and one part pure wisdom." Stick around till the last number for the Swedish nyckelharpa.

Here's that earlier post of mine — My bubba Perform "Really Really," "Poem Found in the Pocket of an Amazon," "Dogs Laying Around Playing," "East Cave," "Going Home," "Island," "Our Water Hours," "Knitting," "Sexual Healing". The lovely music these lasses make reminds me of that made here on on of my favorite musical posts on this blog — The Magnolia Beacon Perform "Waiting," "Walking," "In Your Eyes," & "Margarita".

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