Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Contra Coulter, Football, not Fútbol, Behind America's Moral Decay

She makes some good points here, but her argument is much like blaming gay marriage for the decline of the family, i.e. misdiagnosing a symptom as the disease — America's growing interest in soccer and the World Cup is a sign of the country's 'moral decay', claims Ann Coulter. She's right about the greatness of baseball, but all she can really say about our football is that it is played by 100-pound brutes; hardly an argument.

America's true moral decay is measured by the shift from peaceful Athenian republicanism to Spartan totalitarianism, which was was echoed by America's shift from baseball to football. No less a mainstream figure than George Will fingered the sport that "taught the progressive virtue of subordinating the individual to the collectivity," quoted on these pages — Football Is a Leftist Plot.

All this on the heels of this great game — Belgium defeats U.S., 2-1. Neocons like Coulter can't stand the game for this reason; not only are we just a normal country, the paleocon dream, we're underdogs.

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