Thursday, January 8, 2015

Our Lady, Charlie Hebdo, and Charles Martel

The assassinated cartoonists, as wrongly anti-Catholic as they were rightly anti-Islamic, were remembered at one of Christendom's greatest monuments, in what was perhaps the most meaningful moment to emerge from this atrocity — Notre Dame Bells Mark Moment of Silence in France.

Is this a sign of the complete secularization of Europe, an empty ritual of mere symbolic pop-cultural, post-cultural mourning? Or it is a sign of the true mourning of the Eldest Daughter of the Church, both for the wayward sons to whom she gave their freedom of expression, and for the civilization she built that is being lost to the same invaders Charles Martel held back? Or might this yet be a sign of the first stirrings of cultural renewal and reclamation of the only true civilization to have emerged in the world?

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