Saturday, January 3, 2015

Silicon Valley's Appalling Lack of Diversity

"White male nerds need to recognise that other people had traumatic upbringings, too - and that's different from structural oppression," writes the felicitously-named Laurie Penny — On Nerd Entitlement.

I confess to not having read Miss Penny's article, much less having needed to read it; we've all read recently about the appalling lack of "diversity" in Silicon Valley. (Asians, it seems, by virtue of their success, are no longer diverse.) The article's headline did, however, lead to an interesting quick Internet search.

Neither Computer Science nor Software Engineering, much less any STEM field outside of Biomedical Science, appear on either of these lists* — Most Popular College Majors For Women and Top 10 Majors Held By African-American Degree Holders.

SJWs would better serve their constituencies by helping them analyze and learn from the results of this research — Study Shows White Males Choose Better College Majors.

*Also interesting was that both of these "articles" appear in picture format, a sign of our post-literate future.

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