Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Feel the Bern?

"The 58th Presidentiad, to use Walt Whitman’s coinage, is upon us, and among its biggest surprises is the spirited campaign of Bernie Sanders, socialist senator from the Green Mountain State," notes The American Conservative's Bill Kauffman of Batavia, New York down the road (New York State Route 33 to be exact), so "I asked three of my favorite Vermonters for their impressions" — Bernie Sanders—Yes or No?

I feel cold to the Bern. I'm enjoying his surge for purely nostalgic reasons; back in the nineties during my Lexington Coop days I was stupidly stoked that a man who "defiantly called himself a socialist" had been elected to Congress, when I was too young to realize like Mr. Kauffman's "decentralist agrarian Reaganaut" friend, that this means "[u]ltimately all power must be centralized in the national government," and that "for Bernie the Truth is what is required to be true by Marx’s scientific theory of history."

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