Saturday, September 12, 2015

Baseball, Si; Football, No

Today, I encountered more evidence against the idiotic sport that supplanted America's pastime as our country degenerated from Republic to Empire. It happened again as it did last year at this time between the Saturday family-swim at Barker Road Middle School and Fall Ball with the Pittsford Little League.

A year ago, as we we're leaving the swim, we heard parental cries of "Hit 'em!" from the football field up the hill. These violent cries were contrasted with the encouraging cries of "Nice hit!" from parents from opposing teams later that day on the baseball diamond. Today, we entered the school to an army of ridiculously-armored little storm-troopers. Sorry, neo-Americans, but football uniforms objectively look stupid, and look stupider as the years go on.

Worse were the little cheerleaders, little girls I know from my community and have always thought of as latter-day incarnations of Becky Thatcher dressed as bimbos! You don't need to be a bra-burning, man-hating feminist to understand that the objectification of the fairer sex, and it's relegation to second-class status, is just plain wrong.

Baseball has no need of cheerleaders. Interested girls can be fans or play their own version of the game, softball, itself a noble American institution. Today's scene was for me a reminder that baseball embodies the noblest aspects of the American character, football the basest.

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