Monday, November 30, 2015

Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats Perform "I Need Never Get Old," "Look It Here," "I've Been Failing You" & "Mellow Out"

The blurbists lauds their "concerts that get feet moving and bodies swaying, fueled by rhythm and booze," and informs us that the singer, recently "more easily described as a folk artist," "expressed intense gratitude for the new audience that's found him" and "embraced the big-band R&B of his new album, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, which was produced by Richard Swift and released on the legendary Stax Records." Stax Records! Now, that's some pedigree.

"The record and its songs embrace not only Southern soul, but also the rockier side of soul made famous by Irish singer Van Morrison," the blrubist informs us, saying that in the above set "Rateliff's body-shaking tunes take on a slightly more laid-back sound, served with a warm heart and suitable for a cold beer." I'll drink to that!

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This Protester's Sign Right About the Solution, Not the Problem

Above, one of the "Rochesterians [who] gathered to demand global action from their elected officials during the Rochester March for Global Climate Change"— The City Seen: November 29.

As a climate change agnostic, what I like about this protester's solution is that it does not "demand global action from their elected officials" but rather action at the most local level possible: the individual. And the real issue here, which cannot be argued with, is that more people can be fed by growing plants for food for people than by growing plants for food for animals for food for people. In fact, some climate change welcomers argue that global warming of a few degrees, which could well be heliogenic rather than anthropogenic, which would allow us to feed more people.

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ratdog Perform "The Music Never Stopped," "New Minglewood Blues," "Money for Gasoline," "Eyes of the World," "Even So," "October Queen," "The Deep End," "Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo" & "Ashes and Glass"

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White God (2014)

White God (2014) (Fehér Isten) is not the kind of girl-and-her-dog movie Hollywood could make. While the set-up is akin to movies like Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993), the plot thickens to something more like 12 Years a Slave (2013), then Spartacus (1960), then Planet of the Apes (1968), and finally ending with an Eastern European morally ambiguous, thought provoking final act like Ida (2013).

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Deer Tick Perform "The Bump," "Miss K," "Main Street" & "Mister Cigarette"

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Do Virginia Dare's Descendants Survive in the Finger Lakes?

Seneca white deer are in the news today — White deer group plans to bid on old Army Depot. We learn of the "11th-hour fundraising campaign to save the world's largest herd of white deer as well as the Cold War military installations" by "turning the unique 7,000-acre facility into a world class eco-tourism and military park." Seneca White Deer, Inc., the "group of conservationists and history buffs," is taking donations online.

This story had me revisiting some recent fanciful speculations regarding the old colonial legend about Virginia Dare, the first white child born in what are today these united States in the Roanoke Colony, being turned into a white doe by an Indian shaman. [See Virginia Dare, The White Doe.] Miss Dare was born in 1587. If she had indeed been turned into a white doe, this would have likely occurred when she was an adolescent or young adult, say, in the first decade of the XVIIth Century.

Could her cervine descendants, or her spirit as the Indian version of the legend has it, have passed from sanctuary among the Croatan, who perished as a people to disease, to the Tuscarora people, and traveled north with them after the Tuscarora War to settle in Iroquois and later become the sixth nation of their confederacy?

This would be yet another connection between the Great State of North Carolina and Upstate New York, the two outposts of Anti-Federalism in the late XVIIIth Century. I made two trips south to the state two years ago, two months apart; here are my reports — Back From Dixie and Back in W.N.Y. From W.N.C.. On the former trip, one of the highlights occurred at the Elizabethan Gardens, where I paid homage to the incredibly lovely Virginia Dare Statue.

And back to the subject of our post, a site dedicated to her memory, VDARE, recently posted, albeit early, this lovely Christmas image for the upcoming Giving Tuesday:

Please consider participating his Tuesday by giving to Seneca White Deer, Inc. and VDARE.

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Re-Ignition Perform "Sailin' On," "Don't Need It," "Attitude," "The Regulator" & "Banned in D.C."

A Bad Brains tribute band!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My Bubba Perform "Dogs Laying Around Playing," "Charm," "Knitting" & "Ghost Sweat"

My, that Guðbjörg Tómasdóttir, the brunette, is one particularly fetching lass, is she not? Not that the blonde My Larsdotter Lucas is not, it's just that I've always had a thing for brunettes. Perhaps something is also owed to my recently unearthed Norse heritage through my maternal grandfather: "In the mountains of Scotland's west coast and on the Hebrides islands, the ancestors of the McCaskey family were born. Their name comes from an ancient Norse warrior named Askell, which means cauldron of the Gods, and denoted son of Asgaill."

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Could Polygamy Be the End of Mohammedanism?

This post follows on the heels of a post titled "Mary and the Conversion of Mohammedans," in which I argued, "If the conversion of Islam is to happen, it will happen through Muslim women and their folk religion." I have come to see this false religion as a misogynistic sex cult, and it's earthy, carnal nature will spell its end.

Polygamy, as attractive as it may sound to the average male hindbrain, mine not excluded, is unsustainable. While the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant provides low-IQ lumpenproletariat Mohammedan males from the West, victims of generations of dysgenics through cousin-marriage, with their only hope of finding a wife (or wives) or concubine through state-sanctioned sexual slavery, this reality only exists in the chaotic, ungoverned zones created by neo-conservative interventionism. In less chaotic, more or less governed parts of the Dar al-Islam, natural selection reigns, and the fat, rich guys will get the chicks while loser ISIS-cadre dudes will remain incels for life, and in a continual state of rebellion. This dynamic explains the perennial decadence, backwardness, and instability of Mohammedan "civilization."

And then there is the "woman question," which I have said, "prevented me from converting to Islam fifteen years ago, leaving my soul forever in the debt of the fairer sex" [see Michel Houellebecq's Submission]. Say what you will about globalism, it has given Muslim woman enough of a taste of the world for those with enough power not to submit to second-, third-, or fourth-wife status. Paris, which Steve Sailer has called "the world capital of heterosexual romance over the past 800 years" [see Four Ways to Save Europe], has played a key role in this global propagandization effort of our superior model of conjugal relations. Perhaps this is why they targeted her.

A great danger lies of course with Europe's so-called government(s) having decided to elect a new people through the process Renaud Camus called "The Great Replacement" by bringing in a largely male Mohammedan population to cuckold their own daughters. However, these daughters of Europe, once they get over the daddy issues that prompted them to mate with invaders in the first place, will be the first to rebel against this anti-romantic system once the hangover wears off.

I put my money on the womenfolk bringing this heresy down.
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Trump Wrong About Muslims Celebrating 9/11 in New Jersey

They were Israelis, as Justin Raimondo reported — The High-Fivers:
    Of particular interest is the coverage by The Forward, the oldest newspaper of the Jewish community in North America. They reported on one key aspect of the Israeli-9/11 connection: the story of the five employees of a moving van company apprehended hours after the twin towers were struck. They had been observed in Liberty State Park, New Jersey, overlooking the Hudson, with a clear view of the burning towers. A woman had seen them from the window of her apartment building overlooking the parking lot: they came out of a white van, and they were jumping up and down, high-fiving each other with obvious glee. Their mood, it could be said, was celebratory. They were also filming the towers as they burned, and taking still photos.
This report got the heroic journalist in trouble — Investigated By FBI Over "High Fivers" Coverage and Why Did The Government Spy On Justin Raimondo?

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Monday, November 23, 2015

The Dave Rawlings Machine Perform "Short Haired Woman Blues," "The Last Pharaoh," "The Weekend" & "Sweet Tooth"

I had no idea that Crooked Still's Brittany Haas and Old Crow Medicine Show's Willie Watson, who turns out to be from down the road in Watkins Glen, New York, had joined the Dave Rawlings Machine. Welcome to the Machine! Is not "Short Haired Woman Blues" a great name for a song?

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

La Cappella Reial de Catalunya and Hespèrion XXI, Directed by Jordi Savall, Perform "O Virgo Splendens," "Stella Splendens," "Laudemus Virginem," "Los Set Gotxs," "Splendens Ceptigera," "Polorum Regina," "Me gusta!," "Cuncti Simus," "Concanentes," "Mariam Matrem Virginem," "Imperayritz de la Ciutat Joyosa," "Ad Mortem Festinamus," "O Virgo Splendens," "Tanto son da Groriosa," "Mui gran Dereit e das bestias," "Mui grandes noit e dia," "Por razon tenuo d'obedecer," "A Madre de Jhesu-Cristo," & "O que diz que servir ome"

Is anyone in Europe now considered the wisdom of the Catholic Monarchs (Reyes Católicos) and their Alhambra Decree?

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Mary and the Conversion of Mohammedans

Over at The Inn at the End of the World we read a quote from this diocese's once-bishop — Archbishop Sheen's Prophecy on Islam and the Modern World:
    It is our firm belief that the fears some entertain concerning the Moslems are not to be realized, but that Moslemism, instead, will eventually be converted to Christianity – and in a way that even some of our missionaries never suspect. It is our belief that this will happen not through the direct teachings of Christianity, but through a summoning of the Moslems to a veneration of the Mother of God.
The Servant of God said this in 1952, long before Europe's so-called government(s) decided to elect a new people through the process Renaud Camus called "The Great Replacement," so it of course seems all the more hopeless now. And it's impossible to imagine bearded Salafists cultivating "a veneration of the Mother of God." But their womenfolk? They are the Achilles' heel of the Islamic world. If the conversion of Islam is to happen, it will happen through Muslim women and their folk religion.

The Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima director Fr. Ladis J. Cizik wrote, "The combination of an Islamic name [Fatimah] and Islamic devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary is a great attraction to Moslems" Our Lady And Islam: Heaven's Peace Plan.

Indeed, Fāṭimah bint Muḥammad "the youngest daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.... is the object of great veneration, love, and respect by all Muslims [and] is a vital character in the religion of Islam and is considered a role model for all Muslim women." What is the reason that she "is loved and venerated by all Muslims?" Because "she lived closest to her father (prophet Muhammad) and supported him in his difficulties, is the supporter and loving caretaker of her husband and children, and is the only member of Muhammad's family that gave him descendants."

This devotion to the daughter of their prophet, may God's mercy be upon his soul, seems a post-shadowing of the Catholic devotion to Mary, Mother of God. And, indeed, the mother of 'Īsā is mentioned more than any other woman in their "holy" book — What does the Qur'an say about Mary, the mother of Jesus? If she "is loved and venerated by all Muslims" will she not be all the more so by Muslim women, born trapped in a misogynistic sex cult, in which male adultery and female sexual slavery are sanctioned? Mary's Perpetual Virginity is the Catholic doctrine that best counters the carnality of Islam, and Muslims already believe in it!

The True Faith spread by women in the first century, unlike its enemy which spread by the sword in the sixth. Could what Hilaire Belloc called "The Great and Enduring Heresy of Mohammed" be defeated by women in the twenty-first?

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LIInd Anniversary of America's Coup d'État

The LRC Blog's Chris Burris rightly argues, "What happened on that tragic, fateful day fifty two years ago led to perhaps the single most important series of events affecting the subsequent history of our nation" — The Deep State and the November 22, 1963 Coup d’état.

Below, a re-posting of my 2010 review of a "remarkable story [that] confirmed the way I view the world, but changed the way I view President Kennedy."
    Supplying the Motive Behind the Murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    Until reading James W. Douglass' JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters, I had never given the assassination of the thirty-fifth president much thought. He was, I thought, just as much of an empty suit as our current president and just as much a philanderer as the previous member of his party to occupy the Oval Office. Why would anyone besides a lone nut have wanted him dead?

    Mr. Douglass, a theologian, proves beyond reasonable doubt that Mr. Kennedy had a conversion experience after the Cuban Missile Crisis and became a heretic to what the author calls "Cold War theology." John F. Kennedy's co-conspirator was none other than Nikita Khrushchev, with whom he maintained a secret correspondance. Both leaders faced fierce opposition within their own governments; one was assassinated and the other ousted the following year.

    Mr. Douglass, whose last chapter has 937 footnotes, delves into the conspiracy behind the presidential murder in great detail. It becomes clear that it was an inside job. (Either that, or Lee Harvey Oswald was at the head of a vast conspiracy involving hundreds of people, many of whom would sacrifice their own lives, organized to makes us believe he was the "pasty" he claimed to be.)

    One of the most interesting features of the book is its structure: rather than a straight chronological narrative, the main events are revisited again and again, each time offering deeper insights. For example, while we learn early in the book about the above-mentioned secret correspondance, we do not learn of the bold proposal that would have effectively ended the Cold War (and put a lot of powerful people out of work) until the very last pages.

    "A remarkable story that changed the way I view the world," said Flags of Our Fathers author James Bradley of the book. For me, this remarkable story confirmed the way I view the world, but changed the way I view President Kennedy, and I am thankful for that.

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Fighting Petty Tyranny Locally

A report on Rochester citizen David Ahl and his group ADAPT, the Association for Defendants Against Petty Tyranny — They know how to fight City Hall.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Aurora Performs "Runaway," "Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)" & "Running With The Wolves"

"The first time I saw Aurora sing, it appeared so new to her that each note, and each hand gesture accompanying each note, seemed like a discovery and an adventure for the singer," writes the blurbist. "She was 18 when I first saw her in New York City, and now the Norwegian singer is 19; take a look at this Tiny Desk Concert, and her sense of innocence and discovery still rings as true as ever."

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Lessons from the Yakima Nation

"The Yakama people worry about their ability to maintain their identity and culture as outsiders settle on their land," we learn in the latest episode of the ominously-named Latino USA, which takes us to "a Native American reservation in Eastern Washington that is home to about 11,000 Yakama people and almost three times as many Latinos" — #1547 – Reservations.

The number cited is closer to nine times as many Latinos, and the story starts with what is supposed to be a heart-warming story of a woman from Mexico being impregnated every year for sixteen years by her Mexican itinerant farming husband finally being brought to Yakima land.

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Hats Off to Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, D-Fairport

For her vote to prevent future slaughter by counting herself "among 47 Democrats who joined Republicans on Thursday to pass a bill requiring far stricter screening for Syrian and Iraqi refugees than the hurdles already required" — Slaughter bucks Obama in refugee vote. The proper place for these refugees is in camps in Turkey, until their countries return to their normal levels of dysfunction and tyranny.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Darlingside Perform "The God of Loss," "The Woods," "Whippoorwill," "Open Door" and "Blow the House Down"

Just heard these Boston boys perform on "Mountain Stage" on WRUR-FM.

I have to wonder, and hope, could this whole Americana revolution thing, along with the resurgence of craft beer and other related movements, part of a greater reactionary phenomenon that will save America from the fate depicted in Michel Houellebecq's Submission?

On my post-Submission trip to Weggies this morning, observing my countrymen, I noticed several young hipster families. If we're going to have beards, better theirs than the Taliban's, right? And the band that is the subject of this post, they're an example of assimilation, right? At the indie shows I sometimes go to, one can find representatives of various ethnicities, roughly at their numbers they represent in the general population, fitting in and enjoying themselves and the culture rather than airing grievances.

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Michel Houellebecq's Submission

Michel Houellebecq's Soumission, a dystopian vision of the Islamic takeover of France in 2022, was published on the day of the Charlie Hebdo shooting, and graced that's day's cover, pictured above. I bought the English translation yesterday, the morning after the November 2015 Paris attacks, and finished it this morning.

Submission: A Novel was an engaging read, far more humorous than I expected, and as insightful as I had hoped. The comparisons to Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New World are not hyperbolic. The novel is indeed insightful, but not a bit inciteful, as the PC Police would have it, and liberal individualism is the novel's true target. This is a novel not of resistance, even doomed but noble resistance. It is a novel of defeat and resignation, as the title suggests.

"Submission" is of course, the meaning of the word Islam. One character compares the submission of man to God to the submission of woman to man in the Story of O. The promise of having multiple wives selected for you, along with job security, is the main impetus for several characters' conversion to the carnal sex cult that is Islam. Polygamy is by one character justified as the mechanism by which natural selection is carried out, with lesser males being unable to reproduce and the wealthy able to reproduce in super-abundance.

Staying with the "woman question" (the question that prevented me from converting to Islam fifteen years ago, leaving my soul forever in the debt of the fairer sex), it is interesting to compare Houellebecq's dystopia with Margaret Atwood's in The Handmaid's Tale. Atwood's had to make up female-subjugating practices extrapolated from Old testament verses, which no sect calling itself Christian have ever employed. In contrast, Houellebecq need only look at contemporary Islamic societies for his dystopian vision of female submission. No need to make stuff up as Atwood did.

There was a lot to ponder in this novel, with references to influences from Distributism to René Guénon. My plan is to go back and read in reverse chronological order. Roissy has more on "the patron prophet and Saint Shiv of Chateau Heartiste," "who grasps the essential corrosive nature of modern Western society, and who is unafraid to tell it like it is" — Choice Quotes From Michel Houellebecq.

Houellebecq is famously a pessimist, but as an American optimist, with recent events back on the mother continent, I feel the need to shout back across the Atlantic, "Vive la résistance!"

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hector Berlioz's Grande Messe des Morts (or Requiem), performed by the Chœur de Radio France, the Maîtrise de Notre-Dame, Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France and the Orchestra Simón Bolívar, Directed by Gustavo Dudamel

À propos given the atrocities of last night, another pinnacle of civilization achieved by France, an illustration in counterpoint of the shockingly abysmal lack of any notable civilizational achievement of her enemy, not only in music, but the arts, literature, sciences, or any other realm of human endeavor. Nothing of value in fourteen centuries! Only war, murder, rape, slavery, and ignorance!

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Michel Houellebecq's Soumission

The atrocities of last night prompted me to rush out a buy a copy of Michel Houellebecq's Submission: A Novel, to put some more money in the author's pockets and some more consciousness in my identity.

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Paris, the Day After

  • VDARE posts a must-see video and offers two analyses — After Paris, The “With Open Gates” Video Is Back On YouTube; They’re Already Talking About “Backlash” In Paris, While The Muslim Frontlash Is Still Going On; Media Keeps Calling Muslim Gunmen In Paris Attack “Frenchmen”–But Attackers Included Syrian “Refugees”.

  • Chateau Heartiste, "a hardened contextual cynic, had to do a double-take" upon learning that U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter declared "'the United States stands with the people of France and its vibrant, multicultural democracy'" [emphasis mine] — Paris.

  • "Your invasion will cause chaos in the entire region, far beyond Iraq," prophesied Saint Pope John Paul II to Dubya, reminds the The LRC Blog's Christopher Manion — Cause and Effect, Paris Chapter.
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    Friday, November 13, 2015

    Marc-Antoine Charpentier's Messe Et Motets Pour La Vierge Performed by Le Concert des Nations, Directed by Jordi Savall

    France, this is but a single example of your glorious patrimony. What is theirs?

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    Sainte Geneviève, Patronne de Paris, Prie Pour Nous

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    Thursday, November 12, 2015

    Ukryte Zalety Systemu Perform "Czas Wypłaty," "Ukryte Zalety Systemu," "Memorystyk," "Ruiny Budów," "Obcy," "Inwokacja do Nienawiści," & "Samotność Ankietera"

    Sounds like Nomeansno; looks like my bud from Buffalo, New York, Poland's North American colony.

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    "The Old Broken-Armed Man from Prosper-Anew" by Po Chü-i

      A frail and ancient man from Prosper-Anew, eighty-eight years
      old, hair and eyebrows white as fresh snow: he makes his way

      toward the inn's front gate, leaning on a great-great-grandson,
      his left arm over the boy's shoulder, his right broken at his side.

      If you ask this old man how many years his arm's been broken,
      if you ask how it happened, an arm broken like that, he'll say:

      When I was born at our village in the district of Prosper-Anew,
      it was an age of sage rule, never a hint of wartime campaigns,

      so I grew up listening to the flutes and songs of the Pear Garden,
      knowing nothing at all about spears and flags, bows and arrows.

      Suddenly, in the Heaven-Jewel reign, they began building armies,
      and for every three men in every household, one was taken away,

      taken and hurried away. And can you guess where they all went?
      To Cloud-South, a march five months and ten thousand miles long,

      a march everyone kept talking about: how you face the Black River
      and malarial mists that rise and drift when pepper blossoms fall,

      how great armies struggle to cross the river's seething floodwaters,
      and before they make it across, two or three in ten are drowned.

      North of home, south of home, wailing filled villages everywhere,
      sons torn from fathers and mothers, husbands torn from wives,

      for people knew what it meant to make war on southern tribes:
      ten million soldiers are sent away, and not one comes back alive.

      It was all so long ago. I was hardly even twenty-four back then,
      but my name was listed on those rolls at the Department of War,

      so in the depths of night, careful to keep my plan well-hidden,
      I stole away, found a big rock, and hacked my arm till it broke.

      Too lame to draw a bow or lift banners and flags into the wind,
      I escaped: they didn't send me off to their war in Cloud-South.

      It was far from painless, the bone shattered and muscles torn,
      but I'd found a way to go back and settle quietly in my village.

      Now sixty years have come and gone since I broke this arm:
      I gave up a limb, it's true, but I'm still alive, still in one piece,

      though even now, on cold dark nights full of wind and rain,
      I'm sleepless all night long with pain and still awake at dawn.

      Sleepless with pain but free of regrets,
      for I'm the only man in my district who lived to enjoy old age.

      If I hadn't done it, I'd have ended where the Black River begins,
      a dead body, my spirit adrift and my bones abandoned there,

      just one of ten thousand ghosts drifting above southern graves,
      gazing toward their home, all grief-torn and bleating, bleating.

      When such elders speak
      how can we ignore them?

      Haven't you heard
      about Sung K'ai-fu, prime minister during the Open-Origin reign,
      how he nurtured peace by refusing to reward frontier victories?

      Haven't you heard
      about Yang Kuo-chung, prime minister during the Heaven-Jewel,
      how he launched frontier campaigns to flatter that emperor,

      how the people were wild with anger before he won anything?
      Just ask that old man from Prosper-Anew with a broken arm.
      Just ask him, ask the old broken-armed man from Prosper-Anew.
    [One of three New Yüeh-fu, by Po Chü-i, this one about "an elderly man and the price he chose to pay to live for peace instead of war," linked via the Blog, re-posted and slightly edited for format from The Western Confucian, October 29, 2008.]

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    Wednesday, November 11, 2015

    James Yorkston Performs "Martinmas Time"

    The traditional tune Martinmas Time sung by Scottish folk singer James Yorkston. A description of the song Martinmas Time:
      Troop of soldiers forces farmer's daughter to promise she will come to their quarters that night; she has her hair cut off and dresses in men's clothes. She goes to the soldiers' quarters, asking for lodgings for another troop of soldiers, but the quartermaster sends her away, saying there is no more room. She persists; he gives her money, for "tonight there comes a wench." She leaves her garters and ribbons tied to the gates to prove she'd been there, then blows a whistle, saying "you're not for a girl at all," and goes home in triumph.
    "And she's galloped home a maiden," ends the song, the heroine's quick wits saving her from being gang-raped by our men in uniform, an à propos reminder of the true nature of militarism on a day on which we are now asked to support, nay, worship the troops as demigods.

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    Martinmas and Armistice Day

    In honor of both Saint Martin of Tours and Armistice Day, this blogger's annual posting of Simone Martini's 1321 fresco, "Saint Martin Renouncing the Sword."

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    The New Lie

    "The old Lie" is how the Horace's expression "It is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country" is referred to in the post anterior to this one; a local story repeats America's new lie: "Never have so many been so blessed to receive so much from so few" — RIT Veterans Day Breakfast.

    The lie gets even more baldfaced: "Only 1 percent of our population stands between us and losing our freedoms."

    Really? Which pose a threat to our freedoms, seventh-century throwbacks and non-existent weapons of mass destruction in distant god-forsaken lands, or militarized police forces and an aggrandizing ever-centralizing government here at home?

    Reject this new lie. It is noxious as it turns our attention from the real threats.

    Sorry to rain on anyone's Veterans Day parade, but this day use to be Armistice Day, a day commemorating peace rather than government workers.

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    Wilfred Owen's "Dulce Et Deorum Est" Read by Christopher Eccleston and Analyzed by Dr. Andrew Barker

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    Sunday, November 8, 2015

    Claudio Monteverdi's Selva Morale e Spirituale Performed by Ensemble Elyma & Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc, Directed by Gabriel Garrido

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    Jury Trial of a Sheepherder for Murder by Ernest Leonard Blumenschein

    Being summoned to perform the ancient civic duty of serving on a jury reminded me of this painting housed not too far from here at the Rockwell Museum of Western Art, one of my favorite museums. The painting, by one of the founding members of the century-old Taos Society of Artists, depicts, as its title suggests, a jury trial of sheepherder for murder.

    It appears that the accused is indeed being tried by a jury of his peers, as the twelve men are all Mexicans, or Mexican-Americans, or Chincanos, or whatever term these folks are supposed by described by these days. The only Anglo-Saxon portrayed, with the likely exception of the scribe, is the faceless portrait of the Father of Our Country, hanging on the adobe courthouse wall. Judging from their facial expressions, or lack thereof, these jurors appear far less engaged than those depicted in that wonderful painting The Jury by Norman Rockwell.

    How could they be engaged in what to them was likely an entirely alien process? "Why are we even asked to make a decision that el patrón alone has the authority to make?" they could be thinking. Anglo-Saxons have been serving on juries for centuries. The jury system is an expression of our cultural and moral values as well as our worldview, which are very different from those of the Latin nations of Europe and even more different from the hybrid value-system and worldview that came into being in the Spanish colonies of the New World.

    This painting speaks to the inherent problem of mass immigration. People will not adopt our values en masse. In electing a new people, our rulers are surrendering our societal values. Mexicans make Mexico Mexico. By replacing our population with Mexicans, our elites make America Mexico. Perhaps if this jury had consisted of one or two Mexicans and the remainder Anglos, the minority jurors may have said, "Well, I guess this is how the gringo system of justice works; let's imitate and learn from them." A sensible immigration policy might have secured such an outcome for our country. Too late for that.

    This painting also speaks to the folly of that 1848 war and the greater folly of afterwards imposing our values on people of conquered territories, however underpopulated they were. As beautiful as much of so-called Aztlán is, perhaps these united States would have been better off without her.

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    Trump 2016?

    The anti-Trump video reported on here serves as the best pro-Trump ad yet — Raza Family Values Are on Display in Hate-Trump Video. These comments say it better than I could: "Soy latino pero este video da asco y de especial por que usan a niños que predican odio y rebeldía."

    The foul-mouthed kids in this video would not be allowed in my home and if I found they had entered it without my permission I would kick them out. How would such a policy work on a national level?

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    Student Protests, Then and Now

    Then, students protested to end wars and get the military off campuses; now, students protest against faculty members questioning calls to police students' Halloween attire — Yale’s Halloween Costume Crisis: No End in Sight.

    Obama's bombs may be killing innocent people, but somebody's feelings might get hurt here at home. "Special little snowflake" is how the Urban Dictionary defines Millennial. This generation demands sensitivity policing in all aspects of our lives, and we should be afraid, very afraid.

    Generation X, slackers that we are, will be skipped over and the "special little snowflakes" will take over sooner rather than later. When that happens, more of us should consider fulfilling the late Joseph Sobran "grand plan to exile himself by becoming the first illegal immigrant in the history of Haiti" (as quoted by R. J. Stove here — Conservatism’s Mozart).

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    Saturday, November 7, 2015

    The Doors Perform "The End"

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    Pittsford Patricide Dismissed

    Back in February, you read on these pages that "an accused father-killer has been hailed as 'a strong, supportive, friendly member of the Pittsford community'" — Patricide in Pittsford.

    Today, "Jim Tan's killer is still at large," as objectively stated a local commentator on a "decision [that] prevents any further homicide-related charges from being brought against [Charles] Tan in connection with the death of his father, Liang 'Jim" Tan" — Charles Tan case dismissal 'shocking'. Jim Tan, may he rest in peace, "had been shot at close range at least three times with a 12-gauge shotgun that was purchased by Charles Tan’s friend earlier that week."

    Judge James J. Piampiano, I'm glad I didn't vote for you this past Tuesday, Your Dishonor!

    Classical Liberal that I tend to be, my natural default is to side with the defense in any case, but District Attorney Sandra Doorley get's it right here — Sandra Doorley calls Tan trial outcome appalling. Letters to the editor in today's paper disagreed with her seven-to-one. I find that appalling. Emotions, not facts, take precedence now even in in the halls of justice.

    My waifu dismissed the defense's inane suggestion that Mrs. Tan was the killer and her son was the willing fall-guy. "No Asian mother would let her son go to prison for her," said she. The prosecution should have called this missus as a witness. The police and the prosecution of course immediately dismissed this idea. "I did it," said Charles Tan when the police came for him.

    But the public trial was less about Charles Tan as father-killer but his father Jim Tan as wife-beater, although to my knowledge the elder Tan had never been charged with any crime. The mere allegation of domestic abuse is enough, and apparently warrants extrajudicial execution now in Monroe County. Jim Tan's "face was obliterated" as the prosecution explained. We don't have the death penalty here in New York State, but if it were reinstated, would the mere allegation of domestic abuse be a capital offense? Any place for such allegations would be during the "mitigating circumstances" phase in sentencing.

    Was Jim Tan's extrajudicial execution justified because he was a "Chinaman" posthumously pilloried as a sinister Fu Manchu-like figure living in the midst of goodwhites, many of whom have abducted adopted nice, pretty Chinese girls from their evil, partriarchal homeland? Was Jim Tan an inconvenient reminder of all they hate? Is that why Jim Tan's Americanized, model-minority, number-one-son was exonerated?

    Two thoughts from my time in Asia come to mind. First, I remember the look of horror on my students' faces when I taught them the word "parricide" as an example of words ending with "-cide" and what that suffix means. That there was a word for such an unthinkable concept was horrifying to them. Perhaps the word "motherfucker" had a similar effect on our ears before the cultures of our glorious and vibrant underclasses supplanted as the mainstream the evil WASP culture that built this country. I'm also reminded of the many male SWPL/SJW expats I knew, whose modus operandi it was to save Asian women from their menfolk, one woman at a time.

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    Another Christian Anarchist Icon Added to My Synaxis

    Homeboy Bill Kauffman, writing for The American Conservative adds to a list which includes "Tolstoy and Dorothy Day and brave Anabaptists and nude Doukhobors" — Bob Dylan, Christian Anarchist.

    Mr. Kauffman cites an article I read not long a go in a dentist office, "his recent AARP interview, in which he expatiated on plutocrats who find international philanthropy so much more glamorous than helping the single mom in the trailer park or the homeless vet in the ghetto." Said Mr, Dylan:
      “Does it make him happy giving his money away to foreign countries? Is there more contentment in that than in giving it here to the inner cities and creating jobs? … These multibillionaires can create industries right here in America. But no one can tell them what to do. God’s got to lead them.”
    Amen. I posted more quotes from this amazing interview with some exegesis a few months ago — Bob Dylan on Rock 'n' Roll, Race, Billy Graham, and More.

    Mr. Kauffman also counts Mr. Dylan among the “'sons of the Upper Midwest,' the land of hand-calloused isolationists and Non-Partisan Leaguers.” It is worth noting that that part of our country was settled by émigrés from the Burned-Over District, as evidenced by colonies Rochester, Michigan and Rochester, Minnesota.

    And speaking of "nude Doukhobors" and this part of the world, I have always found it a cruel twist of fate that among our three 19th Century locally-born religious movements, it was Millerism and Mormonism that survived and not the free-love, tantric sex-practcing Oneida Community

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    Canadian Oil Dirty, Saudi Oil Clean

    One has to wonder how much influence the House of Saud had over Barack Hussein Obama II's diktat, reported on here — Canadians 'disappointed' by Keystone XL pipeline decision but not surprised.

    Canuckistan's newly elected Prime Minister, member of the Liberal Party of Canada though he may be, is dismayed, while American libruls are rejoicing. They think themselves the only ones smart enough to understand that pipelines have a far bigger carbon foot print than transoceanic oil tankers and to appreciate the added benefit of saving us from supporting despotic countries with sketchy human rights records like Canada in favor of enlightened allies like Saudi Arabia.

    Dumb conservatards are so dumb to suggest that the Saudi ban on women driving and voting and capital punishment for homosexual acts might be reason not to be BFFs anymore. Don't they understand that the Russian LGBT propaganda law is far worse than Islamic law and its punishments for homosexuality? Why can't they understand as SWPLs and SJWs do that white people like Russians should know this by now while brown people like Arabs will need librul help for decades before they become so enlightened?

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    Alpha Monk

    I did not know that the guy who planted the seed of Catholicism in me also "fathered a child as a Cambridge student before becoming a monk," as The Irish Times' John Cooney explains — Thomas Merton: from wayward youth to man of God.

    Mr. Cooney mentions the young Merton's understanable "fascination for girls in nurses’ uniforms" but not his later-in-life unconsummated relationship with one when he was hospitalized. It also mention "his annus horribilis" in which "Tom drifted away" and his "indulgence in wine, women and song."

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    Monday, November 2, 2015

    "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" Performed by Michelle Wright, Iris DeMent, Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, et al.

    From Auntie Beeb's Transatlantic Sessions, in which "[f]olk musicians come together in what have been called 'the greatest backporch shows ever.'" This number seems appropriate for All Souls' Day.

    [Reposting from Nov. 2nd, '11]

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    Sunday, November 1, 2015

    Nicolas Gombert's Missa Media Vita in Morte Sumus ("In the Middle of Life We Are Already Dead Mass") Sung by The Hilliard Ensemble

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    Hallowed Ground

    Local sporst writer informs us that "Rich Stadium, now Ralph Wilson Stadium, [was] built a Hail Mary pass from a pioneer family cemetery, and if that wasn’t creepy enough, possibly over an unmarked ancient Native American burial ground" — Roth: The Buffalo Bills' ghostly gridiron. "The Wenrohronon people (Wenro) were among a group of small tribes — along with the Erie and Neutrals — that fell to the powerful Iroquois during bloody battles in the 1600s."

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