Sunday, August 21, 2016

Obligatory Olympic Post

I din't watch a single event, and have even less reason to pay attention now that the 2016 Little League Baseball World Series, my all-time favorite sporting event, has begun.

About he former event, Theodore Dalrymple is right to say, "Once again the only country of any size that, as far as I can see, emerges from the Olympic Games with any credit is India" — Olympia’s True Victors. The good doctor explains:
    Accounting for something like a sixth of the world’s population, it had not—the last time I looked at the table—won a single medal in any event. This proves that, at least in this regard, it has its priorities right. It has steadfastly refused to measure itself by the number of medals it wins at the Olympics and does nothing whatever to encourage its citizens to devote their lives to trying to jump a quarter of a centimeter longer or higher than anyone else in human history.

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