Saturday, August 13, 2016


That's what I've named my 29" Genesis Onex cruiser, since I'll ride her mostly along the Erie Canal Trail on my commute, and like the song, about "15 miles" a day on my 24-mile round-trip commute, which also takes me on the Lehigh Valley Trail. My Schwinn 26 inch Cruiser Bike, which I bought five years ago to keep up with the two big kids as they learned to bike, was not up to the challenge of the commute, and the rear coaster brake hub fell apart. The RIT Bikeshare's Fuji Barnebey 3 Cruiser Bikes filled the gap for a while, but when that service went offline for a few weeks, I went online to craigslist, and found Sal.

She's a good ride. For a tall guy like me, the extra three inches of wheel height really make a difference. I felt like a could faster and maintain more momentum. The moderate hills on my route were also noticeably easier to climb. I told Sal's previous owner that people were surprised I made a daily 24-mile round-trip commute on a one-speed cruiser, and he, a young fellow of the African-American persuasion and thus perhaps knowledgeable of such things, replied that cruisers were already popular on the West Coast. Again, I appear to be a few years ahead of the trend.

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