Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Working Family

Which is why I am not outraged at this story — Upstate NY couple leaves 3 kids, including baby, on mall bench while they work. My guess is that the couple are from Haiti or Francophone Africa. Local right-winger Bob Lonsberry nails it in his column — Those Kids Who Were Left at the Mall:
    They don’t take public assistance, they support themselves, and they were scheduled to work on Saturday cleaning the mall.


    These people are a mom and dad who work. Who support their own family. Who pay their own way.

    And they got in a tight spot.

    This wasn’t a good choice, but they felt it was their only choice. Two people from another culture, with mouths to feed and bills to pay.

    It seems like somehow we ought to be able to understand, and spare them the humiliation of public criticism and the expense of criminal prosecution.
Amen. A couple years' back, a single mother from the city was in a similar bind waiting tables near this same "rich-people’s mall."

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