Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hypergamy and Dysgenics

Roissy quotes at length a commenter who "pretty much nailed the essential difference between the sexes (chicks dig power, men dig beauty, eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap, men are expendable, women are perishable) and the nature of the modern sexual market in relation to mating behavior and marriage" — Freelance Comment Of The Week: A Primer On The Modern Sexual Market.

"He makes a good point about postmodern society severing the ancient link between the sexual market and the marriage/monogamy/parenthood market, and an even better point about children focusing women’s attention and preventing female solipsism spirals." Tolle, lege.

Roissy follows up with a post on "the modern sexual market and how it may relate to dysgenic breeding" — The Modern Sexual Market And Our Coming Idiocracy.

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