Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Woman's Thinking Cannot Be "Naive"

Mayor Lovely A. Warren is mad, saying that "in this day and age, a man calling a woman 'naive' is not acceptable" — Rochester Mayor Says Theater Artistic Director Owes Her, Other Women An Apology.

Gasped Her Honor, clutching her pearls as she fainted, "I think to demean someone in the way that he demeaned me as a woman in this community, he owes the women and the young girls in this community an apology."

Here's what the accused hate-speaker said [trigger warning]:
    She is quoted as saying, "Syracuse is a college sports town, Buffalo has pro teams, we are the City of the Arts and we have to have a venue that gives us that title." We find that thinking to be naive at best.
Pass the smelling salts. The accused hate-speaker is correct in "insist[ing] he did not call the mayor 'naive'" as it was "that thinking" and not the mayor herself that was modified by the predicate adjective. And while the word "naïve" is the feminine, singular for of "naïf" in French, we do not have grammatical gender in English and the adjective is used to describe persons of both sexes.

For the record, I would love for ours to truly be "the City of the Arts" but agree with the accused hate-speaker that to think that "building a 3,000-seat theater on Parcel 5 to be the thing that makes us the City of the Arts [is] flawed." Government cannot mandate us becoming "the City of the Arts."

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